Palm Beach Illustrated September 2011 Issue

Marcia Chellis was featured on the Palm Beach Illustrated Players page. See the article below.

About The Girls from Winnetka

A New York Times bestselling author, Marcia Chellis has written two successful nonfiction books about women: Living with the Kennedys: Th e Joan Kennedy Story and Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Lives. She has been a guest on Th e Today Show, Larry King, Inside Edition, and numerous other television and radio shows. Her latest book titled The Girls From Winnetka can be purchased online or at bookstores and has received rave reviews.
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1 Response to Palm Beach Illustrated September 2011 Issue

  1. Lita Newdick says:

    I am t shocked at Goodreads, having discovered that it is featuring this absurdly
    formulaic book; simply following the pattern: get a group of women to talk (heavily coached) about how they”triumpjhed over adversity”; then transfer their stories into an “inspirational book”. Very little writing is required. Ms. Chellis touts her “Harvard” education ( School ofi Education) yet her books – this is not the first)-are all surely monuments to a lack of higher education.Those of us from Boston who have been aware of Ms Chellis’ writing proclivities and their consequences are not fooled by her publicity. What induced Goodreads to avert its gaze to the startling lack of literary quality of “About The Girls from Winnetka”?

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